14 Blades: The Valentine’s edition

The new movies Monga and 14 Blades are already off to great starts before the Chinese New Year. Monga is expected to crossover the 100 million (NTD) mark today, while 14 Blades is doing extremely well on both sides of the shores. Following Donnie Yen’s 24-hour promotion in Taiwan, 14 Blades has accumulated 12.6 million at the local box office. Even more impressively in mainland China, the movie has made 57 million RMB (approx. 270 million NTD) in only 4 days. It looks like Donnie Yen wasn’t kidding when he said he can crush the competition with one hand.

Since 14 Blades will continue to play in theaters through out the New Year and Valentine’s Day, its distributor has designed a new poster to showcase the romantic side of the movie featuring Donnie Yen and Vicki Zhao. While he was in Taiwan, Universe’s Strongest Donnie Yen revealed that he is a fan of comedian Jiu Kong (also means Abalone) from Big Party. He said, “I know Jiu Kong! He’s a famous Taiwanese comedian. He imitated me acting as Ip Man on the show. It was a very good impersonation. I even downloaded the clip for my collection.” In response to Donnie Yen’s comment, Jiu Kong said, “I’m also a movie star now. The only wish I have is to collaborate with him. Even getting beaten to death is fine with me.”

Here is Jiu Kong as Donnie Yen as Ip Man

Source: UDN, Appledaily TW, Chinatimes, jayljy's Channel

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