Yuki Hsu’s fall from Mandopop grace; turns to paralegal work after savings evaporate

Once known as the “Commoner Queen” (note: also the Chinese title for “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”) of Mandopop music, Taiwanese pop singer Yuki Hsu 徐懷鈺 debuted in the Taipei courtroom on January 11th with a new identity: as a paralegal. The singer, who rose to the peak of her fame in the late ‘90s, faced the news media to discuss her problem-ridden contract with her managing company, her current life issues as the main source of income for her family, and her reliance on monetary support from her friends. Yuki choked back tears in her new position in a law firm as a legal assistant, because she was desperate for work and wanted to do research in law in order to solve her legal problems.

Transitioning from her once bright and fresh modeling style to doing work in family courts with her law firm, Yuki said that she will take on duties as an unpaid lawyer assistant, with the main hope of untangling the situation she is in with her entertainment company and finding a means in obtaining a sustaining acting career: “If I can return to my (previous) job, I would obviously be happy. If it’s going to take a lot of time, then obviously I can wait.”

When asked about the unpaid work, how she’s maintaining her life, and her time spent at home, Yuki became anguished and didn’t respond for a long time, with a friend by her side responding that she became financially troubled after coming back to Taiwan half a year ago. Her friend also commented that her family still depended, with her younger brother and sister relying on her for financial support, even though she has not received any income for six months. Many people asked how Yuki came into such a situation, and with Yuki’s managing company not responding for these six months, there was no source of income or work for the singer.

Yuki's career has been spiraling prior to her legal battle with her managing company, such as negative press coverage claiming her diva behavior and her refusal to acknowledge her elderly grandfather.

For additional details of this news story, head over to prella’s news submission over at AF for more. Also check out Yuki Hsu confronting the news media regarding her current situation. And if you’re not familiar with Yuki Hsu’s music, check out her famous MV of her duet song with former K-pop artist Yoo Seung Jun that shot her to international fame.

Yuki Hsu confronting the media:

Yuki Hsu's Pivotal MV "Can't Wait" w/ Yoo Seung Jun:

Source: China Review News, Sina, Channel News Asia

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