Yoga Lin late for Kaohsiung performance; Leehom and Crowd on time

While most popular stars at most performed at two stops, Leehom Wang continued the tradition of the older generation of singers. Leehom performed at three different locations starting from Taichung to Taoyuan, and ending in Taipei. Leehom gave a forty minute performance right after the New Year countdown at Taipei. Borrowing a segment from just his previous concert, Music Man, Leehom opened with his rock performance on the electric guitar, and then dazzled the audience on the piano, performing his all-time hits, “A simple song,” “Big city small love,” and said “Kiss goodbye” to 2009.

One of the anticipated performances that we reported previously was Yoga Lin at Kaohsiung’s countdown as Yoga had made arrangements to perform with his own band along with collaborations with Tiger Huang. However, Yoga ended up only performing two songs instead of the eight that was originally set. Yoga’s record company, HIM records, explained that Kaohsiung was fully aware that Yoga had already agreed to perform at Taipei’s countdown show prior to accepting Kaohsiung’s invitation. HIM records stated that despite this fact, Kaohsiung still wanted Yoga and was advised to “try his best” to make it on time. However, Kaohsiung’s countdown show’s organizer stated that they had already agreed to the performance two months before and because of the loss, they hold the rights to file a lawsuit.

Some rumors say that Yoga purposely arrived late at Kaohsiung in hope to be the last performer on stage. It does make some of us wonder as both Crowd Lu and Leehom Wang arrived to all their stops on time.  Crowd Lu, who was also scheduled for both the Taipei and Kaohsiung countdowns, performed after Yoga at Taipei, but still arrived on time in Kaohsiung.

Crowd Lu says "OH YEAH!" to the audience and pays a tribute to Michael Jackson with "You are not alone."

Besides Crowd Lu and Yoga Lin, who were winner and nominee respectively of Golden Melody’s Best New Artist, fellow nominee singer song-writer Hsiao Hung Jen performed at Taichung’s countdown concert.

Other newcomers of last year included Xiao Yu and Claire Kuo, which were argued as forgotten gems at the Golden Melody Awards, also performed at Taipei's countdown concert.  (Don't be alarmed if you see white objects flying across the screen.  Both Xiao Yu and Claire Kuo are spokespersons for Cotton USA, which is the sponsor for the concert.  They specially got a machine to expensively pump out fluffy foam clouds in fun shapes like clouds, stars, and music notes.)

Source: UDNnews

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