Yoga Lin: I'm not idol material

This is an excerpt of Yoga Lin's interview with Marieclaire TW.

Yoga Lin might look like a cute guy when he doesn't speak, but when he does, the words coming out of his mouth are rather anti-climatic:  He is resentful of the overwhelming number of people that visit his blog.  After quoting a line from a novel by Haruki Murakami, he exclaimed, "I don't like quoting from classics, I'll lose by doing this!"  He refuses to publish his own works and thinks of them as "nutrients" that keep him robust.  Furthermore, after he dies, he doesn't want to reconcile with the image that the media paints over him.  Yoga Lin now travels and sings without any baggage.  He, a person who is so skilled at being critical, is finally not so Eason Chan-like in his second album Senses Around.  From its jacket design to the photography style, Yoga Lin doesn't promote his youthful face, or wear any attention-grabbing outfits, and there is not even a single photo taken from the front of his face in which his eyes were opened.  It was just as he wished: Listen to my music, beautiful music, thank you for loving me, but don't pry into my life.

From Yoga Lin:

I have done some writing in private, but the purpose of those was to document myself.  I don't want to put them out in the public because singing a song without a soul is like completing just another task.    When I have saved up enough "nutrients" in this area, I feel that I have passion, I feel complete, and I don't feel inferior.  To me, writing is like a way to rescue myself, so I can face everyone when I have recuperated enough.  I started playing the guitar last year and eventually began writing because my feeling of inferiority and a friend who had passed away.  I worry that when I pass away one day, a ticker would go across the television screen saying "Yoga Lin, his most memorable album is 'Mystery', he won first place at the Million Star singing contest..."  I don't want to reconcile with those achievements only.  I don't want people to determine who I  am based on what the media presents.  I want everyone to see who I am with my own power.  Those documentation (referring to his works) will be like a house that I have built.  When I am not around anymore, everyone can come inside the house and get a feel of what I am like.  This is a more straight forward way to understand me rather than learning from the media on what kind of person I am.

I stopped writing blogs because everyone misunderstood.  I write blogs not because I am a celebrity.  I just wanted a private space to share with my friends and family.  Inevitably, people who care about me will be able to find it and leave me replies.  I feel....I don't like this feeling.  When you see the number of visitors per day reaches 2000, 3000, 5000...eventually 50,000, I think it's outrageous.  I feel like I'm being invaded, like people are coming into my house without knocking on my door.  Did I say you were allowed to come in?   There were many psychological struggles in the beginning, but later on I thought about leaving things till they turn into ruins, so I won't have to worry anymore.  What I want is freedom, and that is what low-key should be.  My friends told me to go under another username so people wouldn't know who I am, but I don't want to.  I don't like to do things this way.  It is my turf afterall, if I have to run away from these kind of things, then I should just forget about it.

Check out this month's issue of Marieclaire TW for the full interview.

Yoga Lin's "Hysteria" from his album Sense Around

Source: UDN, Marieclaire TW, mengsion
Translated by PA

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