Yao Yao makes ten million since debut but loses herself

After taking over Butterfly’s co-hosting job at “Guess Guess Guess” for just two episodes, Yao Yao has already been heavily criticized by netizens. But since her super hit “Sha Hen Da” (lit. killing big) gaming commercial, it has been 1 year since her debut and she has made close to ten million dollars (NT). Recently, she posted two posts on her facebook titled, “Finding myself” and “(I) Don’t know when I lost myself…How can I find myself back?” expressing her frustration to all the criticism.

Yao Yao, whose popularity skyrocketed after revealing her 32E bust in the hit commercial, questions, “How can I be myself?’ Although variety show producer Zhan Ren Hong and others attempt to console her, she writes in her online journal, “I can’t find myself. I want to find Guo Shu Yao!” (Yao Yao’s real name) Understandably, all the media attention is making Yao Yao highly stressed.  Reviewing her road to stardom, she has both gained and lost. In June of last year, she signed a contract with Seed Music, and her record company tried hard to restyle her image into an idol. She released an EP and photo book, as well as filming a Mainland gaming commercial that paid her more than one million RMB (approx. NT$4,685,000). Her annual income came close to ten million (NT). Even though her management company gets a ratio of her income, what’s most apparent is that her and her family’s living quality has largely improved as they are no longer a low-income household.

She made it this far by sacrificing her freedom and the precious time of being with her mom and siblings, while often being attacked with criticism by the media and fans.

Maybe Yao Yao needs a loving hug...

Source: appledaily TW, UDN, mengsion

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