Yao Yao joins "Guess Guess Guess"

Yao Yao joins “Guess Guess Guess” to venture into hosting. It was her first time recording and she wore a sexy dress revealing her shoulders and legs. Aya, not wanting to lose, also wore a low-cut dress. When taking pictures, Aya did not forget to try out Yao Yao’s F-cup…

Yao Yao expressed that taking on the co-hosting job at “Guess Guess Guess” feels like returning home because “Guess Guess Guess” happened to be the first variety show that she went on. But since she hasn’t done any hosting for awhile, she worried that she wouldn’t be able to catch on. She revealed that the night before the recording, she kept dreaming about the image of herself hosting on the show. Yao Yao felt a lot of pressure and even asked Ah Ya to teach her some hosting techniques. Aya tried to rid her pressure by joking that they should both say things targeted towards Jacky Wu.

It’s unavoidable that Yao Yao would be compared to Butterfly, whose popularity rose after switching from kids programming to variety shows and co-hosting for 100% Entertainment. But Yao Yao replied, “We both have our own strengths!” The media pressed Yao Yao further to state their differences, and thus, Yao Yao responded, “I guess it’s age. I’m very young!” Jacky Wu, who was listening on the side and who is a lot older than Yao Yao, expressed his protest, “How can you offend others when you haven’t even secured your position yet?!”

Source: UDN news

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