Xiao Xiao Bin surprises viewers with full nudity

Looks like Van Ness Wu is not the only one showing off his body on TV after all.  His TV son provided the audience with some unexpected laughter on last Sunday's episode of Autumn’s Concerto.  Viewers were caught off guard when Xiao Xiao Bin stepped out from the bathtub without any clothes on.  The production team blurred out his body part with good intentions, but it stole the spotlight as the audience couldn’t keep their eyes off it.  The fun wasn’t over yet, as his on-screen mom Ady An carried him back to his room to get dressed, Xiao Xiao Bin was nude again while he put his underwear on.  Viewers noticed something was wrong and couldn't help but asked, “Mu Cheng (Ady An) was right next to him, how come she didn’t tell him it was on backwards?” 


Source: Nownews, SETTV
Translated by PA 

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