"X" marks the spot: JJ Lin announces hip-hop tune getting next MV treatment

While it’s way too early to determine what albums will make an impact for 2010, let’s make one point clear: JJ Lin’s latest album “100 Days” is already album-of-the-year material. Even two weeks into the new year, if it isn’t at least a nominee for the Golden Melody Awards (like the Chinese-language version Grammy Awards), then either this year will feature the best collection of Mandopop albums ever, or there is a great injustice inflicted upon the universe.

Thus far, the Singaporean Chinese pop sensation has already released three excellent MVs of songs from his recent album: the orchestral ballad “100 Days”, the R&B/rap song “Jia You (Go!)”, and the soft ballad “Back to Back Hug”. And with JJ’s announcement from his Wretch blog that the next song to receive MV treating will be “X”, the ball will be falling back to non-ballad court with the rhythmic-heavy song.

Since the MV’s still in production, JJ released a photo off his MV as an appetizer to fans until the main entrée is served. Check out the photo above, also courtesy of JJ’s blog. And don’t forget to support artists you like by purchasing the real deal by getting the real album!

JJ Lin’s “X” Track:

Source: JJ Lin’s blog

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