Wu Chun’s six-pack vs. Donnie Yen’s big chest in 14 Blades

The new movie 14 Blades is an action packed period film soon to be released during the Chinese New Year. A bit more about the plot has been revealed as one of its lead actors, Wu Chun, begins promotions for the movie. The Chinese title of 14 Blades (錦衣衛) might ring a bell for those who are avid TV drama watchers. It refers to the secret service agency that directly reported to the king during the Ming dynasty. They had the power to arrest anyone, even those belonging to the royal family, and prosecute them privately. In modern day TV dramas, they are often portrayed as highly skilled villains who kill people ruthlessly.

Wu Chun means business!!

Although Wu Chun looked a lot like Captain Jack Sparrow’s twin in the trailer, he is actually not playing a pirate in the movie. The popular idol will try to shed his pretty boy image by taking on the role of an outlaw gang leader. His character is so bold that he even leaves his own name at the scene of the crime. As a boy, he witnessed the execution of his father by the secret agents, and vowed to become stronger and faster. He believed that if people were to steal from him, then he should steal from them first.

Wu Chun and midriff

Wu Chun traded in his fancy dance moves to fight with a crescent-shaped sword in the movie. He generously showed off the six-pack that he has been working on against Donnie Yen’s enormous chest. Famous for having a big appetite, Wu Chun said he felt guilty as Donnie Yen stayed on a strict diet during the movie shoot. He mentioned that Donnie Yen would work out in his trailer after a long day of filming, while he himself would go eat some more. He was especially enticed by a wooden dummy in which Donnie Yen practices with, so much so that he wanted to purchase one for himself. Wu Chun got some help from Donnie Yen and ordered 2 wooden dummies from a carpenter in Foshan who has already retired. He hasn’t received his order yet but plans to keep one in his gym and the other in his room.

Man vs. Wood

14 Blades will open in theaters on February 5th.

Source: Nownews, tw.movie.yahoo.com
Written by PA

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