Wu Chun gets harassed by female fan

Fahrenheit visited Hong Kong to promote their recently released live concert DVD.  Although they arrived 50 minutes late due to flight delays, over 1000 fans still waited patiently for their arrival at the event.  The members greeted fans by blowing kisses and impressed them with their Mandarin-sounding Cantonese.  They interacted with a few lucky fans on stage and played the always popular game of guess the Fahrenheit member.  The fans were blind-folded while  members held their hands, gave them foot massages and hugs.  One overly excited fan wanted more from Wu Chun and attempted to grab his chest.  When asked if the fan had scared him, “She was very brave, she started with just a little bit….then suddenly it was too much!  My critical (body) part?  I’m prepared (to protect it)!”  Fellow member Calvin Chen added, “Wu Chun is very sexy, everyone wants to touch him.”

A singer was fined for 100K recently in Mainland  China  for violating the lip-syncing ban in a performance.  Concerning this issue, Aaron Yan responded, “Many people don’t understand, when singers perform fast-tempo songs, in order to let the audience listen comfortably, the music track has be to turned down, while additional background vocals are needed.  However, these are not needed when singing slow-tempo songs.”  Jiro Wang added, “There are a lot of breathing sounds when we sing fast songs, therefore the background vocals need to be turned up.”  When asked if they are worried about getting fined for lip-synching in China, Aaron Yan said, “It is a singer’s responsibility to sing on stage.  (A singer) has to sing whether they're good or not.”


Source: Mingpaonews
Translated by PA

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