Will Pan to star in a new drama?

Following the success of Hi! My Sweetheart, producer Chai Zhi-Ping announced that she will be working with two Korean writers on her upcoming dramas. She named Will Pan, whom she cast for Miss No Good, as the leading man for one of the new dramas, while Show Luo for the other. The reason for her collaboration with the Korean writers is that she worries local writers might have a standardize view of idols like Will Pan and Show Luo. She hopes the foreign elements will offer something different to the audience.

In addition to Korea, Chai Zhi-Ping will also be collaborating with Shenzhen TV in mainland China. They will co-produce a 60-episode drama series titled Xiao Ju's Spring.  It stars Black & White's Kingone Wang from her management company, and filming is set to begin this April.  He will play the role of a rich boy, but the media pointed out Kingone Wang is most convincing when he plays a drug dealer.

Kingone Wang was one crazy drug dealer in Black & White

Source: UDN
Translated by PA

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