[Poll CLOSED] What is your BEST Taiwanese idol drama of the decade?

[Poll Closed] Results: Reader's Top 10 | Staff's Top 10

Taiwanese idol drama has developed and moved a long way for the past decade starting with the pioneer, Meteor Garden back in 2001 moving to today’s current hit, Autumn Concerto. Over the years, we get to see the rise of many stars into fame due to the popularity of idol dramas such as F4, Ming Dao, Ethan Ruan, Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin, Mike He, Qiao En, Fahrenheit and many others. In celebration of the new decade, we at cpopaccess would like to look back into the past decade and decide which drama was the best Taiwanese idol drama that left the biggest impact on people. After much discussion between our staff, we were unable to come up with a unanimous decision and we have decided to let our readers to have a say on it. So, please vote and let us know what you think is the best drama that has been released. Here is a list of dramas that we believe are worthy the top spot. If your chosen drama is not on the list, please drop your input into the comment section and we promise that we will take it into consideration. Every idol drama from 2001 – 2009 counts!

What is your BEST Taiwanese idol drama of the decade?


Here is a list of dramas suggested by our readers:

The Outsiders - 1 Vote
Corner with Love - 13 Votes
Hi, My Sweetheart - 36 Votes
Why Why Love - 2 Votes
Roseate Love - 1 Vote

If any of you want to vote for any of these dramas, please let us know in the comment section. ;D

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