Vocalist Vixen or Pretty Princess: Who sang “Bizarre Love Triangle” better?

Correction: Earlier today, Wu Wen-fang responded to our inquiries and informed us that her English name was Dora instead of Kumiko. We apologize for the mistake.

After starting the season with thousands of contestants with dreams of singing stardom, the tenth episode of Super Idol 4 is more or less one-third of the way through the season, with the field already narrowed to 24 contestants following its January 2nd broadcast. The Taiwanese talent show competition is continuing to be exciting viewing, and thus far, Taiwanese viewers have already listened to performances by two very talented singers that have been highly underexposed to international Mandopop fans elsewhere: the vocally-poweful Kumiko Dora Wu (Chinese name: 吳汶芳 Wu Wen-fang) and the adorable singer Gillian Cia (Chinese name: 張誠菡/惜兒 Chang Cheng-han/Xier).

Both Dora and Gillian have actually made appearances on previous iterations of the Super Idol talent show, with Dora and her fellow Baby Face bandmate Hsieh Guang-tai 謝廣太 reaching the finals of Super Idol 2 in fifth place, and with Gillian adoring the crowd with her innocence on her run to seventh place on Super Idol 3. And while both singers have different musical styles, with Dora tackling either alternative music and more serious ballads and Gillian preferring softer ballads and lighter radio-friendly pop, the two female singers have also put on great renditions of Frente's 1994 "Bizzare Love Triangle", which is itself an acoustic cover of New Order's massively popular and heavily covered 1986 original.

Despite singing the same song, both singers also exhibited their preferred musical styles onto the popular hit: Dora favoring the original light rock sound and Gillian taking a lullaby-like approach. Both are fine renditions of the classic tune, and we figured why not ask which fine rendition of the tune people liked more?

So which singer did you think did "Bizarre Love Triangle" better? (Note: Kumiko = Dora)

Dora Wu 吳汶芳's rendition:

Gillian Cia 張誠菡's rendition:

If you're interested in the two singers above, you should also take a listen to other representative Super Idol performances by these lovely ladies below:

Dora Wu 吳汶芳's Performance of "桂花巷":

Gillian Cia 張誠菡's Performance of "The Day You Went Away":

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