Van Ness Wu in Japanese MV

This coming spring, Taiwanese singers Van Ness Wu will be filming an MV in Japan. Even though he is constantly surrounded by countless accomplished and excellent women, he recently posted on his blog, "I want to find a good woman to settle down with."

Apparently, Van Ness will be releasing two Japanese singles back to back. He has been very busy lately. Immediately after finish shooting a drama, he rushed to Japan to shoot the cover page of his MV. He is currently reunited with his family in Los Angeles. After recuperating, he will go to Japan at around March and hopes to hold a small-scale concert there.

When Van Ness left F4 and entered the music industry, it definitely wasn't an easy road for him. When he was with Sony, after laboriously filming an MV, there was no channel for him to advertise it. In the end, he posted the MV onto YouTube himself but was widely criticized for it. At that time, his agent, Katie said that he was going through a rough patch. But nowadays he still kept in touch with his Sony manager, and those two are still friends. Right now, he is looking for a partner that can help him distribute his Chinese singles.

For his new Japanese MV, he has worked hard to learn dance steps with great choreographers which leave the audiences stunned.

Source: UDN

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