Van Ness Wu plugs SUBlimes' English subs for "Autumn's Concerto"!

When it comes to Asian dramas, there exist two different worlds for the fans: one where actors are broadcast on television to the enjoyment of viewers in Asia in its original language, and the other where international fans can only stand on the sidelines hoping to share in their viewing experiences.  This divide is a reality we’ve all come to expect, and so for fans from countries where the show is not broadcast and whom don’t understand the source language, fansub groups come to the rescue to bridge that gap.

One such case that held true was for Van Ness Wu’s mega-popular “Autumn’s Concerto”, a Taiwanese idol drama that has not only captivated audiences in Taiwan, but will soon capture the hearts of viewers over in Japan next month.  Unfortunately, quality English subtitles may not be available for the epic surrounding the story of Guang Xi and Mu Cheng for a long time, if ever, but veteran Taiwanese drama fansub team SUBlimes has provided timely and high-quality subtitles so that international fans can witness the storyline that has been sweeping audiences in Taiwan and beyond.

What’s really cool is that recently, the tech-savvy and social media netizen Van Ness recently wanted to share his latest idol drama to the English-speaking masses who don’t know Chinese; therefore, the lead actor tweeted SUBlimes’ YouTube channel in order for English-speaking fans whom haven’t checked out “Autumn’s Concerto” to dive right in.  When was the last time the main star of an Asian idol drama ever plugged a fansub group?  We can’t think of one, which makes it even more totally awesome.  You can definitely add “down-to-earth” as one of Van Ness’ traits.  Mad props to SUBlimes Fansubs for the hard work and Van Ness for his acting!

Be sure to check out Van Ness Wu's Twitter page here to see his daily musings, and swing by SUBlimes Fansubs' official blog here to get the latest updates on high quality subs to awesome Taiwanese dramas!

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