Van Ness Wu gives up alcohol and sex for his next stop of happiness

This is an excerpt of Van Ness Wu's interview with ELLE TW.
Despite declaring his position to stop the game of love, rumors about Van Ness Wu’s love life never seems to stop, he said, “I think it’s non-sense.  I already said it out loud but I wasn’t being heard.  Nevertheless, I tell myself not to get upset over these things.”  He reminds himself that in return of the strong resentment he feels, he should pray for those who have misunderstood him.  When he sees a beautiful girl, he won’t pretend that he didn’t see her, but instead he will give her an honest compliment.  But that would be all, because Van Ness Wu clearly knows his next stop is to find a woman who can start family with him.

For someone who lived by his nightlife, an idol star who has fallen to alcohol and fame, Van Ness Wu finally found his religion during a time when his life wasn’t going the way as expected.  From that point on, he changed himself and was determined to be a mature man who is responsible for his life.  Not only did Van Ness Wu abstain from alcohol and sex, he also gave up the youthful arrogance of self-righteousness.  He came back with a brand new image to play the sentimental male lead in the idol drama Autumn’s Concerto.  It made many people took notice and fell for Van Ness Wu again.

Although his belief in God began two years ago, Van Ness Wu is still continuously questioned.  He responds calmly to this matter, “My belief in God makes me feel secured.  It lets me know who I am, lets me know how to be certain of myself, and lets me learn to be thankful.  It gives me greater power, letting me reborn with peace and hope.  That’s why no matter what other people says, I know I’m doing the right thing.”

Van Ness Wu’s younger brother and assistant added, “The Van Ness Wu of the past would punch the wall when he is angry.  The present day Van Ness would walk back to his room quietly.  It’s just that he won’t have a drink with me anymore, so it’s been quite boring.”

The full interview is available in this month's issue of ELLE TW.

Source: ELLE TW, UDN
Translated by PA

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