Van Ness Wu and Autumn’s Concerto director in a love triangle?

It was previously reported that Van Ness Wu and his Autumn’s Concerto director Chen Hui-Ling are unusually close. They have denied such rumors and maintained that they have a professional relationship. Director Chen plans to shoot a new mini-series in March and has invited Van Ness to be the producer. Apparently director Chen’s boyfriend, who is a lighting technician, will also be working on this series, making it a collaboration of the (rumored) love triangle.

Some dream of Van Ness, while Van Ness dreams of God…

The rumors started as Van Ness Wu was often seen hugging and holding hands with director Chen on the set of Autumn’s Concerto. Director Chen explained that she only thinks of him as her little brother, and she was close with everyone from the crew anyways. His manager also confirmed the same, “Van Ness Wu treats everyone like family.”

Autumn Concerto's director Chen Hui-Ling at the 2008 Golden Bell Awards with awards for best editing, mini-drama writer, and theater director.

Van Ness Wu’s successful turn in Autumn’s Concerto has propelled him to the king of ratings among F4. He plans to expand his work behind the scenes by collaborating with director Chen on the new mini-series. Van Ness revealed that while shooting the Autumn’s Concerto, he experienced inexplicable frustration for 3 days in a row. On the fourth day, he dreamed of God and was told, “You're okay, it'll be fine.” Van Ness said the condition stopped after that day, while his manager explained he was probably just too deep into his acting.

Source: Liberty Times
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