Unconventional pairing garners MVP accolades on latest duet-themed Super Idol

One is a returning contestant who got her start with humble two-member band Babyface in Super Idol 2, going all the way to the finals and placing fifth with her attractive looks and a defining sound according to the program’s critical judges. The other is a highly talented singer who, while lacking the the looks and charm exhibited by his fellow talent show competitors, has a voice with such depth that many expect him to win it all, and also has a huge fanbase supporting him.

On the January 2nd broadcast of hugely popular Taiwanese talent show competition Super Idol 4, sophomore female contestant Wu Wen-fang 吳汶芳 and freshman male contestant Zeng Yu-jia 曾昱嘉 were two of the vastly narrowed field of 26 contestants that were battled it out in order to avoid being the two eliminated contestants for the following week’s 24-contestant competition. The theme of the show this time involved pairing the contestants to sing duets, hoping to score high enough points by episode's end to avoid the judges' nerve-racking final verdict of who stays and who goes.

Wen-fang and Yu-jia wishing each other luck before stepping foot on stage.

The duet-themed episode, which proved to be the more interesting themes in the program, presented a more demanding challenge to each of the contestants, since no matter how great an individual performance was in the duet, since all it takes is for one member from a duo to falter to ruin the whole performance.

In this outing, the beautiful second-chance female contestant Wen-fang and the gifted newcomer male contestant Yu-jia were paired together and selected to perform “A Moment 一眼瞬間”, a song previously sung by former talent show contestant-turned-Best New Artist nominee Jam Hsiao and award-winning Taiwanese female artist A-mei. While both artists exhibit more than enough talent to go far in this season’s popular televised talent show, the pairing between Wen-fang and Yu-jia demonstrated an interesting dynamic due to their different musical backgrounds and visual looks.

A powerful performance by the talented contestants.

On one hand, you have the cute girl next door-looking Wen-fang, whose looks can be described as the grown-up version of a mythical love child between international Taiwanese sensation Jay Chou (Pandamen, The Green Hornet) and fashionable Korean actress Kim Ah-jung (200 Pounds Beauty, That Fool/The Accidental Couple), and whose musical style is a mix of alternative rock and light pop. It’s no surprise then that Wen-fang has developed more than a cult following, with her only oddity being that she hasn’t had more critical acclaim in the English-based Mandopop blogosphere.

Wen-fang and Yu-jia playing off each other's vocal energies.

On the other hand, you have the socially awkward Yu-jia, whose looks are far from the elegant idol-looks that is the competition’s name implies, but whose vocals in the power ballads can achieve greatness in the music industry. While he doesn’t have the luxury of rising to prominence by visual anonymity like, say, the singers of the vocally talented and looks-lacking Korean group SG Wannabe, his success in the competition continues to make such anonymity irrelevant.

Wen-fang sheds tears of joys after hearing the results. Yu-jia tries to comfort her.

By the end of their performance, it was already clear that Wen-fang and Yu-jia didn't fear having to face the judges to see which one of them would face the dreaded exit judgment, as the talented duo ended up receiving the highest score of the night. The reactions from finalist favorites was a humorous and touching moment, as Yu-jia stood there dumbfounded and stuttering (as usual) while Wen-jia broke into tears of joys and jokingly using Yu-jia's sleeve to wipe her tears away.

Even though Wen-fang is going it solo this time without the help of her bandmate on their path to Super Idol 2's finals, and despite Yu-jia's weird otaku personality that has left audiences sometimes laughing at him instead of with him, it would be a travesty, to say the least, if neither get close to this season's finals. But with the competition now narrowed furthered to twenty-four contestants, both singers will have their work cut out for them. Seeing them get this far though, it's been quite an entertaining season.

Wu Wen-fang and Zeng Yu-jia’s Performance:

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