Two new girls (Xiao Ke & Xiao Ding) join female cast of WAHSBBT

In the history of WAHSBBT and its predecessor show WAHSH, there have been three types of girls that have been part of the variety show’s legendary large female cast:

1. the girls who can actually sing or act (i.e., the talented ones)

2. the girls that are there simply for their looks (i.e., the hot ones)

3. the girls that are there to make the hot ones stand out (i.e., the non-hot ones)

The highly popular Channel V program, whose goal is to bring better exposure to young up-and-coming male and female stars, follows closely to the concepts started in Japanese shows for girl groups such as Morning Musume and AKB48. While the show continues to promote these young new artists, the more recent crop of female stars has either tended to fall under the hot ones or non-hot ones category.

Therefore, when WAHSBBT recently announced the debut of two new members Xiao Ke 小可 and Xiao Ding 小丁 earlier this week, there was hope that the female cast could possibly fall under the talented ones category. It’s been awhile since WAHSBBT’s gotten new members anyway, so it was nice to see some fresh new faces. The male cast definitely enjoyed it, and it showed.

Xiao Ke: the optimistic one

The self-introductions of the two new girls gave a brief glimpse of the personalities of the freshman cast members. Xiao Ke, the first girl to receive the first attention, was forced by host Blackie to perform a musical number, and the song that she eventually settled on was one of Cindy Yen’s uplifting ballads, “Sky After the Rain”. That was actually a surprising choice for someone from WAHSBBT, as they tend to choose weaker songs. The other girl Xiao Ding didn’t get as much attention for her self-introductions, but judging from the broadcast, if Xiao Ke were the optimistic newcomer, than Xiao Ding would be the pessimistic newcomer.

Xiao Ding: the pessimistic one

The new girls do bring some excitement to the popular program that benefited from slight changes to the cast, but to be honest, had host Blackie not introduced the two new girls, we probably would have thought that they were existing members with different hairstyles.  Seriously, it's hard to tell the girls apart, since none of them really stand out.

On a related note, who exactly did Xiao Ding and Xiao Ke replace anyway?

Xiao Ke and Xiao Ding's debut on 100% Entertainment (1:15 – 3:05):

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