Triple Jeremy Liu MV goodness off his latest album “Mr. Why”!

Newcomer Taiwanese artist Jeremy Liu is doing pretty well for himself following the very recent release of his freshman offering “Mr. Why”. Chart-wise, his newest album scored a nice spot by debuting at #4 and rising to #2 in the latest iteration of Taiwan-based G-Music’s Weekly Top 20 Mandarin Chart. Label-wise, he’s the latest offering from Warner Music Asia that not only popularized former talent show-turned-media darling Jam Hsiao, but also nurtured Mandopop godfather Khalil Fong. He’s also in good company with successful fellow label mates such as Jolin Tsai, Nicholas Teo, Amber Kuo, and Taiwanese rock outfit F.I.R., to name a few.

Music-wise, Jeremy continues the showbiz legacy established by his parents, easily seen from the diversity of his latest album’s songs. His debut track “Rose 玫瑰” is the featured song for Jay Chou’s latest movie, whose vocals provided an eerily, yet epic, orchestrated-like melody, which also complimented the various highlight sequences from the action flick for its MV. Follow-up track “Hold 佔據” switched gears completely by showing off his piano skills that gives off that very old-school ballad sound. And just a couple days ago, Jeremy released his rap track “Mr. Why”, featuring slick beats and smooth lyrics that gives off that vibe that harkens back to that classic rap-rock sound made popular in American music a decade ago.

The rest of the album pretty much follows suit, providing wide range in music styles, while given the polished treatment that is to be expected from an entertainment label as big as Warner Music Asia. Jeremy’s also a talented musician whose Americanized sound that’s been lacking in the current state of Mandopop. The guy’s got it made for a debut music artist. He has the musical pedigree and style range, he’s received music chart success as a debut artist, and his album’s production stems from one of the most powerful music labels in the world. Which begs the question: why's no one talking about him?
♫I don't know why...♫

“Mr. Why” MV:

“Hold 佔據” MV:

“Rose 玫瑰” MV:

Source: The Liberty Times, TaiwanMV

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