Thanks for divorcing, mom and dad! Cindy Yen actually wanted to be an idol singer

In a recent exclusive interview with Asian men’s fashion magazine “men’s uno”, the creative and multi-talented Taiwanese singer Cindy Yen expressed that she dreamed of stardom when she was young. She also stated that had her parents not divorced, she would not have gotten into a horrible mood that stimulated her inspirations to writing songs.

Once Cindy debuted, Taiwan’s international pop sensation Jay Chou made an extraordinary effort to immediately promote her. Cindy said that from her parents’ divorce, she also learned independence. When she was 17 years old, the eventual rising star returned to Taiwan and used her summer break to send out demo tapes of her music to record companies everywhere in order to fulfill her dream as an idol singer. But Cindy never imagined that she would instead end up being a singer/songwriter.

While a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Cindy got into an argument with a good friend one day, so she released her frustrations by playing the piano and ended up composing her first song. Afterwards, when she and her first love broke up, it made her want to write a very rocking, powerful, and personal song, and so she penned her eventual album track “Stupid Fish” while in the restroom.

The now cheerful Cindy, regarding her past romances and the difficulties caused by her parents’ divorce, said that had her parents not divorced, she would not have written these songs: “Because my heart would not be in those places, and I wouldn’t be able to write with deep feeling.” Cindy also stated that when she was in elementary school, she had attended a private school. She was the only ethnic Chinese student there, and her classmates would all tease her. This caused her to eat her meals by herself in the restroom, and so she has an emotional attachment to restrooms.

Source: men's uno Magazine, ChinaYES Magazine

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