Taiwanese idol duo AK cover Varsity Fanclub’s soothing ballad “Baby Steps”!

It's unfortunate that American boy band Varsity Fanclub (VFC) had a string of bad luck in 2009. Not only did today’s generation of the Backstreet Boys had to replace a member, but they also had to redo their album after songs were leaked on the internet. (EDIT: yes, BSB are still technically active, but still...)

On the bright side, the five-member pop group can take solace in the fact that not only did canned leaked song "Love Like This" ended up in the good hands of Korean boy band counterpart SS501, whose version topped the charts in the uber-competitive K-pop industry, but they can expect to reap some nice royalty fees off of new Taiwanese pop duo’s Chinese Mandarin cover "Help" from their previous hit song “Baby Steps”.

The cover song from newcomer Taiwanese singers Andy Chen and Kris Shen -- whom have actually been around for quite some time -- doesn’t really sidetrack from the original American version, which makes sense since the ingredients in the original song were just right. Group AK really did the right thing by following the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The only regret is that the guys of AK didn’t stretch their vocals enough to emulate the soulful rendition that their American counterparts displayed, but they can't be blamed for that since very few Asian artists even bother.

Group AK’s new “Help” track is an impressive outing nonetheless. And after getting a taste of their new material from their New Year’s performance, their upcoming album is shaping up to be a balanced mix of pop music awesome. It’s about time too, because the group’s really stretching the “boy” part of “boy band”.

NOTE: As pointed out by an anonymous reader, "Baby Steps" was actually sung by just VFC member Drew Ryan Scott, but since many VFC fans are labeling the original song as a VFC song, we'll follow suit to keep the uniformity.

Check out AK’s awesome cover song “Help”, courtesy of awesome C-pop YouTube channel urasiansourceCpop2!

AK’s “Help” song:

AK’s live performance of “Help”:

Varsity Fanclub’s “Baby Steps” song:

Source: urasiansourceCpop2

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