Summer's Desire is delayed, Peter Ho keeps close eye on film-editing

Rumor has it that Summer's Desire (泡沫之夏) produced by and starring Peter Ho is delayed for half-a-year due to not passing Mainland approval process and in the end gave the chance to the later cranked out Down With Love (就想賴著妳). Yesterday, the production director of the series, Chi Yu Xin refuted the rumors, "We haven't even finished editing and haven't sent it for approval, so how can you say that we didn't pass the approval process?"

An actor who participated in the series leaked out that Summer's Desire was cranked out more than half-a-year ago, however, GTV is late in scheduling the airing primarily because of not passing Mainland approval. Even the series' name had to be altered, thus letting Jerry Yan and Ella's Down With Love air.

Yesterday, Chi Yu Xin cleared this matter, "The main reason for the show being unable to be scheduled for airing is because of the harsh requirements placed by producer Peter Ho. All the editing afterwards are handed over to director Jiang Feng Hong. However, as each episode comes out, Peter Ho asks that the staff remember where he will be shooting so that they can give it to him to watch and make additional adjustments. Because of this, only 10 episodes have been completed. There is simply not enough time." He also revealed that Peter Ho required up to 25 accompaniment songs; producing music always costs more than 2,000,000 NT.

The series being produced is burning money like mad, however, Peter Ho's wallet is full just one month into the new year. Besides promotions from his new album on the eve of its release, together with Summer's Desire, he also has the very successfully airing historic series Three Kingdoms [三國] in China. Also, in the span of one month, he has taken advertisements for beverage, wedding attire, and athletic shoes.

"Summer's Desire" Trailer:

Source: UDN

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