"Summer x Summer" airs in Japan next month; Japanese rejoice, Taiwanese confused

Japanese people really love Joe Cheng. Ever since the 27 year old-actor played the lead role in 2005’s Taiwanese hit idol drama “It Started with a Kiss (ISWAK)” as the remote and indifferent student Jiang Zhi Shu, Joe has had a healthy following over in the Taiwan's northern neighbor. Since then, Joe has continued to star in several other Taiwanese idol dramas, but has really only had slight ratings success with ISWAK’s 2007 sequel “They Kiss Again (TKA)”.

The Taiwanese drama responsible for his breakout role has especially resonated with Japanese viewers, due the source material being based off of the original Japanese manga “Itazura na Kiss", as well as being a newer update to the original 1996 Japanese drama of the same name. Joe and fellow actress Ariel Lin, whose acting career received a healthy boost as well from the ratings wonder, have been well-received by Japanese fans in a previous visit last year in order to promote the sequel, which has also seen broadcast on Japanese airwaves and in DVD sales.

Apparently, Japanese fans can’t get enough of Joe-mania, as they will get to see more of Joe’s visage in “Summer x Summer (SxS)”, another 2007 Taiwanese drama of his that was released the same year as TKA. Japanese broadcasters are hoping for ratings lightning to strike twice with the airing of SxS, since it also stars Ethan Ruan and Danson Tang, whom themselves have a healthy fan support in Japan. The move is a heavy gambit for the broadcasters that picked up the rights to broadcast it in Japan, considering that SxS was a ratings bomb, failing to capture the magic that ISWAK established due to its subpar execution.

Japanese viewers have been known to be more receptive of idol dramas that have had lesser success elsewhere, so perhaps SxS would be more suitable to the country that helped plant the seeds to Joe’s rise to fame.  Or it could bomb, but Japanese fans probably wouldn’t care either way.

Bored and wanted to see the Japanese site for "Summer x Summer"?  Then click here to check it out!  Have no clue what "Summer x Summer" is?  We got you covered below!

"Summer x Summer" trailer (Taiwan version):

Source: recordchina.co.jp, Erishii@YT

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