Sodagreen's Ah-Gong has a killer headache

The multi-instrument playing band member and eccentric dancer has long been suffering from headaches and frequently requires painkillers to suppress the pain.  It has become so bad that he was hospitalized on the 12th, then followed by surgery on the next day.  Zephyr, or better known as a Ah-Gong, suffers from Sleep apnea so doctors decided to perform an operation to relieve this problem first.  They believe his lack of sleep, vision of -13.50 and high eye pressure are possible factors that attribute to his headaches.  Ah-Gong will undergo a full body check up later to find out the root cause of his illness.  Members from Sodagreen visited him at the hospital to give him some encouragement.  Despite their effort to cheer him up, Ah-Gong was too sedated to be able to respond.  He is expected to rest for at least one month before returning to live performances.

Ah-Gong, get well soon!! 

Watch Ah-Gong and his wicked dance moves starting from 0:57

Source: Chinatimes,achun5
Written by PA

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