Singers criticized for lip-syncing at New Year countdown concerts

ETTV news reported that popular boy band Fahrenheit, singer Cyndi Wang, and Alex To (杜德偉) were among the singers who were suspected of lip-syncing in their performances. In the Taipei countdown, Fahrenheit performed a light saber dance during their song “Superb” (出神入化). The camera caught Wu Chun with his headset knocked off his face, but his voice was still perfectly audible. Wu Chun refuted the accusations and said, “That part was sung together by everyone, I wasn't the only one singing. It's just that the camera happened to be on me.”

Watch Fahrenheit's performance

Cyndi Wang's "Happy Loving"

Cyndi Wang was also accused of lip-syncing through her song “Happy Loving” in the Taichung countdown concert. Netizens noted that her arms moving were straight up and across during the chorus, but her voice can still be heard without the microphone. Her manager explained, “She was supposed to dance during several lines from the chorus, (and they were) not supposed to be sang. Hence the audio track has her voice on it.” They claimed that ETTV has already removed the news report after their protest, however ETTV indicated, “We didn't agree to remove the news, but we have added the manager's explanation.”

Alex To could have made his performance more entertaining by stripping on stage like he did in the MV.

MV of Alex To’s “Take Off” (Mandarin version of DJ DOC’s Run To You”)

Alex To didn't bother holding his microphone when he performed the super popular “Take Off“ (脫掉). Shape-eyed audience noticed that he wasn't even able to keep pace with the rhythm while lip-syncing. He was criticized for “dancing along with the music to perform aerobics.” Alex To’s manager explained, “The song has a very complicated dance routine, so it's difficult to perform live. He is the original singer, and the song was intended to liven up the atmosphere, therefore we accepted to lip-sync.”

Although ETTV news mainly focused on the above mentioned singers, there were other performers who obviously were not singing live, but probably for some good reasons:

Ethan Ruan, Huang Deng-Hui, Rhydian Vaughan and Mark Chao are being considerate of the audience's ears by not singing.

The boys of Monga performed at the Kaohsiung countdown concert to promote their new movie in full 80s attire. As none are singers at the professional level, they simply danced their way through Alan Tam’s greatest hit “Love Trap” instead of lip-syncing to it. However, dancing is no easy task if you ask Ethan Ruan, as he was a beat behind in every move during the performance.

Newbies Magic 1+1 and AK

New boy group Magic 1+1 was invited to perform at the Tao Yuan countdown concert. Anyone that has seen them perform before probably wasn't expecting them to sing live anyways. But the two-song performance, plus a crowd of 300,000 that couldn't see what was happening on stage, was probably not the way to impress or attract new fans. Their competitor, the newbie duo AK, managed to get the crowd going in the Taichung concert. Despite some shaky vocals, they seemed prepared and interacted with the crowd from all sides of the stage.

Watch Magic 1+1's performance

Watch AK's debut performance

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