Show Luo’s (lack of) English conversation skills baffle Azio Superstar hosts

On the January 19th broadcast of Jacky Wu and Patty Hou’s variety show “Azio Superstar”, Show Luo made a special appearance as special guest to promote his latest album “Rashomon”. The famous Taiwanese entertainer, who is no stranger to the variety show circuit, made an entrance by greeting in Korean (!) before starting off with a live performance of his latest track “Head over Heels in Love”, further proving that Show has a Korean fetish.

One of more awkwardly funny dialogues between Show and the hosts was when Jacky asked Show about his English language skills. If you’ve watched Show on his co-hosted variety show program “100% Entertainment”, then you already know that the answer to that question will only end in hilarious failure. But like major accidents, you just can’t help but watch.  Maybe he forgot his English while picking up some Korean words.

It’s always interesting to watch Show appear in other people’s variety shows, because while he is in total control and feels fearless on “100% Entertainment”, Show sometimes doesn’t look in his element when a program is in the reins of another host. Therefore, as Jacky is baffled by Show’s English and Patty tries her best to translate for Show while avoiding embarrassment herself, we are left with yet another classic Show moment at his expense.  On the bright side, Show learned a new English word. :)

Check out Show's funny English fail and his performance of "Heads over Heels in Love" below!

Show Luo demonstrates English conversation skills:

Show Luo's "Head over Heels in Love" Performance:

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