Show Luo takes “girlfriend” along to night market, gets caught by fans

Show Luo goes to a night market with his “girlfriend” after his show, but gets recognized

In Show Luo’s upcoming MV for new song “Head Over Heels in Love”, he will play the role of a singer, and heads out to a night market with high girlfriend after a show but gets recognized. Show expressed that his real life is the same as in the MV, and also, “If there’s a day that I get married, I’ll definitely let my fans know. But my fans are well-formed, so they’re sure to be the first to know!”

In the MV, even though Show’s famed singer character secretly changes to an ordinary look by donning a more ordinary glasses look after the show, he wanted to ride his motor scooter to take his girlfriend to a night market. But unfortunately, the changed look wasn’t complete enough, with the two of them being identified by his music fans and ruining their secret date.

Show also took advantage of this difficult situation and shared night market treats with his "girlfriend", both each taking bites. It hadn’t been ten minutes since the director said “Cut!”, and the night market snacks were already finished. Show further added, “I usually don’t have much of an opportunity to be able to go to a night market, let alone sit down to savor night market snacks! Wolfing down all that food just now makes me worried that I’ll have an upset stomach.”

Show Luo and his “girlfriend” intimately eating a night market snack together

Source: NOWnews

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