Show Luo releases slick-looking “Love's Home Turf” MV!

Yesterday, Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo released his first MV off his upcoming “Rashomon” album for his album debut track “The Leading Role”. The MV, which features the popular actor/singer as a walking statue, his featured red cape crusader outfit, a messianic white garb, and a male Lady Gaga-like look, has its moments where it resembles a CGI-filled scene from a blockbuster movie than it does a typical dance music video. The intro scene alone is an impressive visual effects treat that will impress viewers.

That’s not to say that the MV stops being good in the non-CGI sequences. Show also fills those scenes with slick dance moves that take a page from a Michael Jackson how-to dance manual than from the R&B and hip-hop-inspired dance moves that have been adopted from similar Asian male artists. That doesn’t come as surprise, as Show has made his Michael Jackson obsession quite known for some time, though other artists don’t usually follow the dance style as strictly as Show does.

The song itself is obviously fast-paced for the dance moves to match it on. People expecting the new song to be a ballad in the veins of “Good Friend” or “Corner with Love” will be disappointed, as Show has instead gone the direction of “Hot Shot” and “One Man Show”. It’s great that Show has established his own musical identity, but it’s too bad that Show abandoned the nostalgic sounds that he sang in his debut era like classic cover song “Do You Dare”.

Speaking of classics, the song for the MV feels dated and out-of-place in the futuristic-sounding 2010, in an era that’s becoming known more for techno-infused hip-hop beats and heavily overused autotune. That is, Show’s latest track seems like it belongs more in the mid-90s, an era ruled by the dated syncopated-dance tunes of its Andy Lau's and Ekin Cheng's. Typical Show fans will still more than likely get attached to this song as expected, but casual Mandopop fans might ask themselves, “What is this?”

Show Luo’s "Love's Home Turf" MV:

Source: mengsion

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