Show Luo politely refuses western girls, afraid that mother won’t accept

Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo, who has never dated a foreigner before, is in such a dreamy relationship for the latest MV of his song “I’ll Be Used to It 習慣就好”. Show’s entertainment company Gold Typhoon released a statement several days ago saying that the singer lacks any interest in having a relationship with a foreigner, and that he can’t be in one since he’s afraid that his mother won’t stand for it.

Show’s shoot for his new MV marks the first time for him to deal with a language barrier, with over a hundred Chinese-American girls auditioning to star with him. Despite Show’s lacking English in communicating with the casted Thai-Chinese-American, the famed variety show gagman threw in Thai words in a weird accent while speaking in Mandarin to his MV co-star, causing her to laugh aloud as a result.

Since the lead female actress for the MV often fainted due to low blood sugar, Show would offer her candy at regular intervals and check on her condition during the shoot, with the actress endlessly complimenting the Taiwanese singer for his kindness and compassion. She also expressed hopes of having an opportunity to date an Asian guy, yet Show wasn’t interesting, responding that his mother couldn’t accept him dating a foreigner, and saying that it was okay as long as such a relationship stays in the MV.

Show and the beautiful racially-mixed girl spent twenty hours “falling in love” in the beautiful outdoors in New York. During the MV shoot, the film crew handed Show hot tea and a blanket, and when they asked the singer if he was cold, he responded jokingly with the song’s title “I’ll be used to it”. Little did he know that he would eventually get sick immediately the following day.

Show Luo's "I'll Be Used to It 習慣就好" MV:


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