Show Luo is “Head Over Heels in Love” in latest MV!

Show Luo’s not a good singer. There we said it. We have nothing against one of Taiwan’s most popular entertainers, and in fact, we think that he’s a hallmark entertainer who’s deserving of his huge fan following. We also believe that he’s one of Taiwan’s greatest entertainment exports, with his idol dramas and variety show being viewed by his many fans in non-Chinese speaking countries especially in Japan and South Korea. His singing's just…well, kinda lacking.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t put out decent songs. Some of his best songs have actually come out in his early days, but those songs happen to be slightly inferior covers of the original Korean songs. Since then, Show has been more miss than hit when it came releasing songs, and so when word came out that Show was release yet another album in “Rashoman”, we gave him the benefit of a doubt and expected for him to at least rebound from his big hit song-lacking album “Trendy Man”. Things haven’t looked too good so far though:
When Show released his fourth MV for “Head Over Heels in Love”, we had our doubts.  The song, which is also the theme song to soon-to-finish idol drama “Hi! My Sweetheart”, could be the last song to be released in MV form off his latest album.  If the MV’s song couldn’t pull it off, “Rashomon” would have been another musical disappointment like “Trendy Man” instead of respectable musical iteration “SPESHOW”.

Fortunately, Show’s latest MV is a qualified success.  It’s no musical masterpiece, but it’s definitely worthy of repeated airplay on Taiwanese radio and TV.  Honestly, this is the kind of song that Show should be singing, because it’s catchy, energetic, doesn’t exceed his vocal range, and has more hooks than a Japanese fishing boat.  Furthermore, the MV is very well shot and with a plot that makes more sense than his previous MV that was shot in New York.

Songs like “Head Over Heels in Love” are all we ask for from Show, and this may very well be the memorable song that people were looking for in “Rashomon”.  We just wish he had more of them.

Show Luo’s “Head Over Heels in Love” MV:

Source: abcxyz261@YT

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