Recapping the highlights from Super Idol 4’s cosplay-themed episode

Nothing says awesome like an idol-hopeful singing an enjoyable song in costume play. Last week was one of the more entertaining themes of Super Idol’s fourth season, as the contestants hoped to sing their way out of getting axed out of the final 21 spots of the show. The interesting cosplaying elements of that broadcast wasn’t merely just for show though, but actually played a part in the final score of a singer’s performance. As with every other episode, the singer with lowest score gets kicked off the Super Idol “island”. Check out some of the awesome highlights from last week’s broadcast below, as show favorites start getting trimmed down to the crucial final five.

Mollie Chang 張依安's "Castle of Love" (Genie Cho):
Of the remaining contestants on the program, Mollie's currently the most favorite with the fan boys.  So when Mollie chose to cosplay as a maid for Genie Cho’s hugely popular “Castle of Love” like Genie did in the original MV, she was truly providing an undeniable fan service.  Mollie’s been somewhat of a unique contestant, since she’s the only true dancer of the group.  She's definitely been exploiting that aspect since day one, since she’s not the most talented singer of the current crop.  The singer/dancer also made a safe choice with Genie’s classic song, since it’s both technically easy and also fitting to her cute yet sexy style.
  • Classic moment #1: one of the judges not figuring out what Mollie was cosplaying as.
  • Classic moment #2: Mollie weirding out the judges when she cutely asks for a high score.

Hu Zhen-huan 胡振寰's "Just Dance" (Lady Gaga):
Taiwanese viewers already know that the judges are in love with Taiwanese aboriginal Zhen-huan, and that he’s pretty much assured to be one of two singers to get a spot in the final five.  Basically, Zhen-huan has to royally screw up for him to fall short of that goal, and this performance only validated his run to the top.  Even non-fans of Lady Gaga’s stuff can appreciate that his performance was really entertaining.  This is characteristic Zhen-huan stuff though, so for Zhen-huan to not pull a stunt as entertaining as cosplaying as Lady Gaga would be more surprising than not.
  • Classic moment #1: Zhen-huan accidently hitting the host on the back of her head with his staff prop.
  • Classic moment #2: cosplaying as Lady Gaga.

Liu Hsing-ge 劉行格's "Glamorous Sky" (Mika Nakashima):
Hsing-ge is more or less a wild card singer of the pack.  She’s pretty much assured to not get the ax anytime soon, but she’s also not a favorite for the final five.  At the moment, Hsing-ge has not really stood out amongst the pack, and producers of the show seem to think so too by truncating her face time on the show.  It’s a shame though, because Hsing-ge’s cosplaying as Nana wasn’t bad.  Unlike the original song sung by Mika Nakashima, Hsing-ge brings a grittier and more punk rock feel.  In fact, it’s not hard to argue that she might have done a better version to the song made famous in the Japanese movie “Nana”.  Hsing-ge may need more performances like this to stay relevant.
  • Classic moment #1: great performance sung in Japanese.
  • Classic moment #2: people in the audience along in excitement.

Kim Seul-ki 金實基's "Sorry Sorry" (Super Junior):
Seul-ki will forever be known as “that Korean singer from Super Idol”, and perhaps that’s one reason why he’s still around.  Pretty much the male equivalent of Mollie for the fan girl audience, Seul-ki’s barely hanging on as one of the remaining talent show survivors.  His cosplaying as a Super Junior member could have catapulted him to some extra brownie points with both judges and fans alike had he had a passable rendition of the original.  Unfortunately, it nearly backfired on him, and was only spared the ax of elimination when a fellow contestant forgot the lyrics to his own song.
  • Classic moment #1: exploiting the Super Junior craze by doing a “Sorry Sorry” performance.
  • Classic moment #2: actually singing worse in Korean than in Chinese Mandarin.

Stanley Huang Xin-wei 黃欣偉's "好想要揮霍" (Crowd Lu):
One of the judges gave Stanley a hard time for cosplaying as the “normal” dressed Crowd Lu, but it wasn’t really warranted since Crowd’s hair alone more than warrants cosplaying on its own (e.g., Show Luo’s character in “Hi My Sweetheart”).  This was a very dangerous song choice for Stanley to choose, partly because it runs counter to his music style, and partly because it’s a difficult song.  But yet, Stanley dazzled with his technique with at least one judge, while also pulling off the look more than admirably.  And yes, he did hit that high note in the song.  Very impressive, especially from a Super Idol contestant.
  • Classic moment #1: surprising audiences by pulling off that really high note in the song.
  • Classic moment #2: the wig.

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