Rainie Yang writes “tiger” character with huge brush; sweats profusely, hands trembling

Cuteness guru Rainie Yang recently made non-stop visits to four special Chinese New Years-themed programs, where she had to hold a giant brush for her appearance on CTV’s “Year of the Tiger’s Prosperous Celebration Reunion”. The petite Rainie, who wrote the eight strokes for the “tiger 虎” character using the tall and heavy brush, was dripping with sweat from her forehead and trembling non-stop from her hands, and saying, “The host said that the brush was over 10 kilograms (22 pounds), which is heavier than my dog at home. I put a lot of effort in each stroke I made.”

Famed program host Chang Fei paid attention to the mole on her face and noted how it’s different from the audience’s. The host then responded, “Their moles are round, but yours is shaped like a love heart,” which made Rainie blush and say that actually many guys approach her and strike up a topic by bringing up her mole.

Rainie’s previous boyfriend and former B.A.D. member Ah Ben proclaimed his love to Hsu Ke, and when asked if she had any opinion of Ah Ben’s current love interest, she replied, “I’m still friends with [Ah Ben], and he will text message me on my birthdays and occasionally contact me. When he and [previous girlfriend Jennifer Chang] were together, everyone would ask me about my feelings, and now they are asking me with Hsu Ke. To be honest, I don’t really have that much of an opinion. He’s an adult already, and I believe that he has a lot of emotional issues to deal with himself.”

Source: chinatimes.com

And in totally unrelated news, for people who don't know who Rainie's ex-boyfriend's current love interest Hsu Ke is, here's a video of her playing with a hot dog.  We will not pass judgment as to why Rainie's ex loves this girl, just saying...

@ 0:14
Hsu Ke: I'll perform.
Guy #1: How?  You've already chosen your flavor.
Hsu Ke: Music, sir. Thank you.
Guy #1: You even have music.
Girl: Here it comes.
Guy #1: Seriously!
Guy #2: It went all the way in.
Girl: How nauseating!
Guy #3: Woooooooooooooooow!
Girl: What are you wowing about?!
Hsu Ke: Don't be like that!
Guy #2: That was beautiful!
Hsu Ke: This is a wholesome family program!  What are you doing?!

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