Rainie Yang "cuts off" unrequited love, clips nails in new MV

Taiwan media reports had been speculating that Rainie Yang’s not-so-secret crush has been on male model Wasir Chou (Zhou Yongxuan), deemed a “mini Godfrey Tsao” lookalike. However, Rainie claimed she is not referring to Wasir. In fact, she has been so frustrated with his lack of response to her affections she has decided to cease pursuing this “anonymous friend”.

Rainie’s new album “Rainie & Love” has been receiving a lot of attention by the media. Magazine reports have been made that Rainie is referring to Show Luo as the man of her unrequited affections. Rainie’s manager replied that these reports were completely false and the mystery man is not Show Luo. Rainie announced that because there has been no response from the guy, she doesn’t want to wait anymore and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Rainie is filming a new MV featuring certain scenes that are reflections of Rainie’s own personal experiences. In one scene she she cuts her boyfriend’s nails for him. Rainie says was an unforgettable moment in real life, which helped her act it out more naturally. Not only did she once help a guy cut his nails, she even helped him file them. Unfortunately, though Rainie thought she was showing her love, the guy thought that her cutting his nails for him was a rather “girly” task.

In addition, during the shooting process Rainie had to film some emotional scenes on an outdoor stage. Because the weather was only 10 degrees Fahrenheit with a strong wind chill, when Rainie tried to light her fireworks wand, the wind blew the sparks towards her, burning her arm and her clothes. They almost hit her face as well, terrifying the crew as they scrambled to protect Rainie’s beautiful face.

Rainie Yang's "Anonymous Friend 匿名的好友" MV:

Source: sina.hk, TaiwanMV

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