Rainie off-tune? No goofy dancing from Jing Wong? More idols at countdown

Rainie Yang gave her opening performance at Taipei’s countdown, singing a series of her old and latest hits that included fast songs and ballads. The performance lasted for half an hour long with a little bit of mishap, where her microphone lost sound during the song, “Celebrate.” Rainie performed her latest song, “Rainie Love” and last year’s KTV hit, “Take Me Away” to end her performance. However, perhaps the performance lasted too long, as Rainie was reported as sounding slightly off-tune and fatigue for these songs.

After rising to fame from the singing competition show, Million Star, and new role in Momo Love, Virgin Prince Jing Wong gave his New Year countdown performance at Taichung. Jing came dressed in a plaid suit and bow tie. Instead of seeing his usual goofy dance for “Wo De Ma,” the stage launched some fireworks.

Genie Cho also performed at Taichung’s countdown concert. Genie continued to charm the audience with sweetness with her pop song, “Super No. 1.”

Ding Dang showed the audience that she can dance and sing ballads well. Ding Dang entered the stage with dancers riding on the back of motorcycles (although she didn't herself) and captivated the audience with “Night Cat.” After some dancing, Ding Dang then illustrated her strength in ballads with “Why did you lie,” an insert for the popular idol drama, Autumn’s Concerto.

After a long hiatus, SHE appeared in front of the fans again at the Taipei countdown concert. SHE showcased their harmony in their previous hits. Fans will have to wait a bit more until SHE presents us with new songs.

Source: chinatimes

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