Rain arrives in Kaohsiung for Legend of Rainism concert

Korean pop star Rain arrived in Taiwan for his concert on January 30th at the Kaohsiung National Stadium. A press conference was held on the 29th to welcome the star to Kaohsiung. Rain greeted the media in local Taiwanese dialect with phrases like “How are you, I’m Rain!” and “I’m happy to be in Kaohsiung”.

The mayor of Kaohsiung presented Rain with a painting and a flower umbrella as souvenirs. He returned the gesture by giving her tickets to his concert and hoped that they can be distributed to charity groups. The Kaohsiung show will mark the last stop of his Legend of Rainism tour. Rain said he will be performing mostly English and Korean songs in the concert, but he also revealed that he is currently preparing for a Chinese album.

In regards to rumors that only 40% of the concert tickets have been sold, the organizers clarified the correct total should be 80%, approximately 26,000 tickets. They explained that the concert was originally planned for only 25,000 seats (out of the 40,000 at capacity). However, due to the great response, they announced that 10,000 additional seats will go on sale, and the new batch of tickets will be economically priced at NT$ 1000.

Rain at the press con

More Rain speaking Taiwanese

Source: Nownews, Chinatimes
Translated by PA

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