Patty Hou smiles to marriage rumors; Jacky Wu teases

Recently, there have been many rumors of Patty Hou getting married with fiancé, Huang Bo Jun, on a trip to the United States. Starting from February 26, Patty will be on vacation for 18 days, which makes everyone wonder if the rumor is really true. Patty only smiles in return and continues to not comment. Patty’s manager, Liao Su Ping replies on her behalf, “Her passport is with me. Work will go as usual, she’s not getting married.”

Jacky Wu (left) suspected Patty of being pregnant because of loose dress; Patty quickly denied and explained that loose dresses are fashion

During the recording of Azio Superstar on the 5th, co-host Jacky Wu comments, “If you’ve got something to say, you should say it now, don’t wait till you’re already holding a baby in your arms.” Patty Hou shows up to the recording in high heels as usual, continues to drink her coffee, and she points to her slender body, telling Jacky not to joke around. Jacky continues to make fun, “But your dress is very wide and loose.” Even the guests of the day tease, where David Huang comments, “We are worried whether this Mr. Huang is a good man,” and Huang Pin Yuan quickly adds, “Men with the surname Huang are all not bad.” Patty answers in agreement, “Men of surname ‘Huang’ are very nice.”

And several days ago, Lin Chi-Ling was also asked about when she would be getting married by host Mickey Huang on “Be Friends,” she replied, “I’ve already passed the time where I would think about it. I don’t think about it anymore.” She expressed that she would hope that her other half would be filial and hardworking, but now she feels that it is more important to be compatible.

Source: chinatimes

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