"Pandamen" hits record low in Mainland, the Jay Chou name fails

 Jay Chou's musical ability is invincible and he can be said to be a "musical golden boy." However, once he steps out of the music circle, Director Chou's godlike name doesn't seem to be too bright. He and Lin Chi-Ling co-produced the movie Treasure Hunter, which was rated by PPT members as 2009's worst movie. His self-produced drama, Pandamen, was broadcasted on Mainland's Guangzhou TV station where the ratings set a new low causing Director Chou's plan for all around expansion to fail.

According to Xinghua reports, Jay Chou's first step into the television circle with his self-directed and self-acted TV series Pandamen was broadcasted on Guangzhou TV station for three days. On the 27th, an announcement was made that the third day's ratings were merely 0.06, equivalent to only 5000 viewers -- the lowest in the history of viewership. Due to the show's numerous celebrity guest appearances and the well-known golden Jay Chou name, Guangzhou TV station spend a huge amount of money to purchase the rights and did not expect such low performance.

Guangzhou TV station felt that there were two main reasons for the record low. The first is the low IQ story line. The second is that there were too many advertisements inserted. In addition, CTS also spend 18,000,000 Yuan to purchase Pandamen back in October of last year hoping to get promotions by Jay Chou's honorable presence -- they didn't expect that Jay Chou would not pay his respects.

According to reports, Jay Chou has a very difficult schedule and will not have time open until mid-March to return to Taiwan for promotions. By that time, half of the the series will have already aired, promotions will already be too late. However, CTS still has full confidence in Pandamen believing that due to the limiting Mainland PRC film censorship Bureau standards, crucial gun battles were cut off making audiences were very confused. Taiwan will be broadcasting the complete version, the content of the series is extremely brilliant and will not disappoint the audience.

Source: NOWnews

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