"Pandamen" 8-Minute Trailer Released!

There's a lot of excitement being generated from the upcoming broadcast of Jay Chou's latest production "Pandamen".  The massively budgeted action drama, featuring both a wave of new faces and a slew of veteran ones, expects to hit mainland Chinese shores by January 17th the earliest after Jay's self-directed project received the approval of the Chinese government (check out Sarah's coverage for more details).  And with the broadcast of this new drama coming soon, an 8-minute trailer has been circulating around Chinese streaming sites Youku and Tudou for the past couple of days.

The new trailer is pretty much nothing short of awesome, as it feels as if though we were watching a Hollywood-produced movie trailer.  The beginning initially sets us up with the two main male characters and lightly touches on their origins story, and the rest of the video raises bar on epicness as we are treated to exciting sequences from the drama.

Besides checking out the new actors, we also get to see the famous likes of Eric Tsang (@ 2:58) and his father character, Jay Chou (@ 4:17) and his police character, and Will Pan (@ 7:32) and whatever he does.  Furthermore, we get to witness pseudo-homages of other superhero movies, like when one of the Pandamen overlooks the city ala Batman or Spiderman, or when the Pandaman mask is being built ala Iron Man.

Taiwan may very well have its own superhero franchise to call its own, and from the looks of this trailer, a very good one at that. Perhaps 2010 will be the Year of the Panda after all. Check out the awesome trailer for yourself below!

Pandamen 8-Minute Trailer:

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