Old school boy band The Little Tigers reunite for the Spring Festival Gala

Many readers probably weren't even born yet when these guys debuted, but their fans will sure be thrilled to see them perform on the upcoming CCTV Spring Festival Gala.  The Little Tigers were a super popular Taiwanese boy group back in the late 80s to the early 90s.  They are coming together again after 18 years and are currently busy rehearsing for their performance.  Members Nicolas Wu (age 39), Benny Chen (38) and Alex Su (36) have been focusing on their acting careers in Mainland China after the band's breakup.

From the left: Handsome Tiger Benny Chen, Thunderbolt Tiger Nicolas Wu, Good-boy Tiger Alex Su.

Although some might think The Little Tigers are from the stone age, in reality they are not all that old compared to other veteran bands that have been in the spotlight recently.  Considering the Hong Kong band Wynners, who have a combined age of nearly 300, Superband at 190, or even fellow 80s idol group Grasshoppers at 130, the Tigers are both the youngest in combined (113) and average age (37.7).

There are some concerns that The Little Tigers might lip-sync in the Spring Festival Gala since they have recorded some audio tracks for the show.  Producer Jin ruled out that claim and said all performers, including Faye Wong and Leehom Wang, are required to pre-record their tracks.  He explained that this is part of the production process and there will be definitely no lip-syncing on the day of the performance.  CCTV expects The Little Tigers to be one of the highlights of their show and bring in some big ratings for the network.  They will perform classic hits like "Love", "Fly Butterfly" and "Green Apple Paradise".

"Green Apple Paradise"

Source: UDN, qpqptw
Written by PA

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