Nothing is taboo between Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao

Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao have been busy making appearances and doing interviews to promote their highly anticipated movie Monga.  The two stars modeled the latest men’s fashion and talked about their friendship in the Chinatimes Weekly magazine

During the filming of Monga, they were asked by the producer to hangout or have a drink whenever they are free, in order to develop a brotherly relationship like their characters have in the movie.  Ethan Ruan revealed that the two would often share their secrets with each other, “I even told him things that were previously unspeakable.  In the movie, the five of us from the Prince’s gang became a union with our blood, and we really did drink each other’s blood.  There was a feeling of sharing life and death together.”  While Ethan Ruan was serious about his secrets, Mark Chao said slyly, “I’m a person with no secrets.  I’m not even allowed to close my room door at home.  How would there be any secrets?  But I now know a lot of their secrets!” 

Mark Chao was supposed to have returned to Canada for a vacation after filming wrapped for Monga, but he stayed until the day after Ethan Ruan’s birthday so they could celebrate together.  The two men would even miss each other when they haven’t seen the other one for a few days.  In regards to their brewing bromance, Ethan Ruan responded, “It is no different from being in love!”  Gotta wonder what would his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu think when she hears about this?

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by PA

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