New "Pandamen" theme song MV by Nan Quan Mama’s Devon and Yu-hao!

Just in time before the debut broadcast of Jay Chou’s upcoming television serial “Pandamen”, the MV to Jay’s latest directorial and production effort was recently released. Premiered nearly simultaneously with the 8-minute trailer that has also been making its rounds on streaming sites, the new MV also showcases scenes from the serial to tease audiences and fans alike.

The original song was sung none other than Devon 彈頭 and Yu-hao 宇豪 of Nan Quan Mama 南拳媽媽 fame, a group that Jay has continued to nurture under his watch. The two vocalists are part of the four-member Mandopop music group that themselves debuted back in 2004, and the song features a theme that’s more at home to classic superhero television shows than the epic orchestral scores that dominate previous Hollywood blockbusters like Superman and Batman.

Jay’s choice to use the two singers from a group that he’s been nurturing clearly show that he still supports his “musical children”, as you can see from a released message by him below:
Regarding Pandamen,

Pandamen will be broadcasted soon! To me, this drama isn't about profitable relationships, but it represents friendship. I truly thank all my good friends that have participated in this drama. No matter how the ratings do, whether the storyline is good or bad, it has already succeeded because we have created a new hero! This is a historic moment! You can call me naive or childish, but afterall, I don't want to grow old anyways! haha! But it's also because of this that I have been able to stand here for 10 years, to try and achieve my daydream. My life doesn't need to be evaluated by a Golden Bell Award or high ratings. I just hope that you guys can rise to fame, and lead a better life. Jia you Nan Quan Mama and my brothers!
Despite Jay’s Taiwanese background, it looks like audiences in Taiwan will have to wait until February 5th to see the serial broadcasted on Taiwanese shores, as mainland Chinese audiences will get to feast their eyes on what looks to be the next great superhero classic on January 17th.

Nan Quan Mama (Devon & Yu-hao)'s “Pandamen” Theme Song MV:

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