New drama P.S. Man to follow Autumn's Concerto

Sonia Sui and James Wen make one good-looking couple in The Happy Times of That Year.

The new TTV/SETTV idol drama that follows Autumn's Concerto has finally announced its leads actors and a new title. Previously named Fall in Love with P.S. Man, its title has now been changed to Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan (偷心大聖P.S.男, roughly translates to Master Heart-robber P.S. Man). SETTV revealed that the drama will include 4 lead actors, instead of the usual 2-lead 2-supporting combo. Easy Fortune Happy Life’s Blue Lan and My Queen’s James Wen have been cast as the male leads. Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai, who are represented by the same modeling agency, will be the lead actresses.

SETTV originally held a contest to find their “P.S. Man” several months ago. Unfortunately the search was met with controversies as SETTV was rumored to have already cast Mike He for the role, and that the contest was a mere publicity stunt. 10 finalists were eventually chosen from over 1000 contestants, but none will be playing the "P.S. Man" as the role went to Blue Lan. They will undergo acting lessons and will be given smaller roles in the drama depending on their performance.

Model-turned-actress Sonia Sui will play a kindergarten teacher in the new drama. She had a great year in 2009 with her breakout roles in Black & White and The Happy Times of That Year. However, many have commented that she looks like the older woman in her pairing with Blue Lan. As for her rise to lead actress status, Sonia Sui said, “This proves models can act.” In fact, Sonia Sui has played a lead role back in 2004’s Love Overcomes Everything. When this drama was brought up in the interview, she revealed that she still hasn't been paid for her work yet.

Xiao Xiao Bin is A-lister child star nowadays.

In addition to the leads actors, SETTV also announced that Autumn's Concerto’s child star Xiao Xiao Bin will be back to play Bianca Bai’s son in the new series. GTV is fuming as he is also in their drama Down with Love starring Jerry Yan. Xiao Xiao Bin will be battling himself when Down with Love premieres on January 24th against Autumn's Concerto, and then again when P.S. Man airs.

Cutie Xiao Xiao Bin says he's not tired and there's no difference between the characters he plays.....

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes, Nownews.
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