More sex change controversies making the headlines

No, it’s not Alicia Liu this time.  Popular host Li Jing (利菁), from shows like Superidol and Diamond club, made headlines yesterday because a medical journal had named her as the patient of a sex change operation.  Li Jing has always denied that she had a sex change operation ever since the rumors started six years ago.  She affirmed that she is a hermaphrodite, with organs of both sexes and the ability to give birth.  However, an article featured in the medical journal titled “29 Years ago, a story about a sex change operation” now seems to contradict that claim. 

In the article, Dr. Chang Qi-Zhong wrote that a local mayor in Taichung had once brought his son to see him, insisting that the young man wanted to undergo a sex change operation.  However, the operation wasn’t legal in Taiwan at the time.  Therefore the patient was referred to Singapore, in which he also had his adam’s apple removed.  After the operation, she returned to his clinic and continued on with other plastic surgeries.  The last sentence in the article mentioned that the patient has written a book titled “After the past, the future of Li Jing”, which in turn directly naming Li Jing as his patient.  

Li Jing responded through her lawyer that she does not know or remember Chang Qi-Zhong.  She was very hurt by the magazine that reported about the medical journal.  She also said the support she received from friends, fans and companies have made her feel that the society is still positive.  Li Jing said she will wipe her tears away and focus her work.  She will do her best and continue to show the best side of herself.

Netizens are questioning Dr. Chang’s ethics for revealing the identity of his patient.  The deputy director from the department of health stated that his action violates the law of medical care, as healthcare professionals are forbidden to reveal the identity or records of their patients for undue reasons.  In response, the doctor said he was only writing to share his experience to help other doctors dealing with such issues.

In related news, Alicia Liu (on the right) performed “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga at the year-end banquet for her modeling agency.  In regards to the Li Jing controversy, she said, “Everyone has a different situation.  She is a senior that I have a lot of respect for.”

Cti reports about Li Ching

Alicia Liu dances to Poker Face:

Source: Nownews, UDN, Chinatimes
Translated by PA

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