Ming Dao invites Eddie Peng to go bowling

Eddie Peng and Ming Dao duked it out on the rooftop of the Taipei city hall for their new movie Jin Zai Zhi Chi (近在咫尺).  Their coach complimented the two stars' boxing talents, and even said that Eddie Peng comes close to professional level as his ability to dodge and attack is first class.  However, when asked about news of ex-rumor-to-be girlfriend Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou going on a bowling date, he responded with a straight forward answer, “It’s great that the two went bowling together.  My best wishes go to them.”

Eddie Peng has just won his case against his former management company several days ago, he said, “I feel fortunate to have this result.  Now I can focus on my work.”  When asked by the media if he would celebrate the win by bowling, Eddie Pen answered, “I haven’t bowled before.”  His costar Ming Dao chimed in, “Then go boxing with me!”  The two joked that they should go bowling together when they finish filming in the morning.

Both Eddie Peng and Ming Dao had to learn boxing for this new movie. The movie’s director Cheng Xiao-Ze is grateful for their dedication to their characters.  Ming Dao even gave Eddie Peng the title of “Mr. Abs” after he got an 8-pack from the strenuous training. 

Video of their "fight" from UDN

Source: Liberty Times, UDN
Translated by PA 

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