Mark Chao writes about a tragic romance

Following his previous blog entry “Bubble Wrap”, Mark Chao sparked interests again from Netizens and the media with his latest work, “Staple Paperclip”.  The story was published on his blog on the 18th, and many readers thought they were reading a poignant love story.  In truth, the sensitive Mark Chao was just describing the difficulties for a staple and paperclip to co-exist during their lifetime.

In the story, Mark Chao wrote that a staple and paperclip dreamed of being together after they met, “Because they are the perfect substitute for each other.  When one is used, then the other one is not needed.”  As expected, staple and paperclip had to separate, until they meet again 10 years later, “As they were about to be destroyed by a fire, staple and paperclip both cried, but they were crying tears of joy, because they can see each other again, because they can finally be together.” 

His manager didn't seem to understand the meaning implied by his writing either.  Mark Chao clarified that there was really no meaning behind the story, and he was just simply expressing his feelings.  When asked how he felt about readers commenting that they couldn't understand his story, Mark Chao responded by laughing like a big kid.  He stressed that the ending was a very positive one, because staple and paperclip melted together in the end.  Mark Chao hopes that everyone can enjoy his writing purely for what it is. 

Source: Chinatimes
Written by PA 

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