Mark Chao goes on variety while Black & White waits for approval in Mainland

Black & White” has yet to receive their broadcasting permit in Mainland, but Mark Chao still went on Hu Nan’s “Happy Camp” without pay in order to promote. Godfrey Gao and Jason Tsou were also on the show, and the three handsome guests competed against each other by showing off their talents. Since Mark did not prepare any special talents, he sang “Rogue Justice.”

As per the show’s request, Mark brought a photo of himself when he was little, where he was laughed at for looking like Winnie the Pooh. The crowd fell in laughter when he imitated Winnie The Pooh’s pose, revealing his comedic side.

“Black & White” has widely gained popularity in Taiwan, where it is constantly on re-runs. The drama will also be aired soon in Korea and Japan, while it is still waiting for approval in Mainland. Rumors say that the hold back is due to the drama containing a made up city, stories surrounding drug trafficking and gun fires. Yesterday, B & W’s production company, Prajna Works expressed that they have already gave the film to Hua Lu Bai Na to take care of the issue. It is estimated that they will receive the approval either before Lunar new year or right after.

Actually, many fans in Mainland have already seen “Black & White” on DVD. Thus, Mark has already gained a fan base, where approximately a hundred fans greeted him at the airport and even gave him a bunch of gifts, making his luggage super heavy.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times

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