Lollipop is done for good?

The boy group Lollipop has been living together since the early days of their debut, but it looks like that is no longer the case. News recently surfaced that 2 of the members, Prince and Xiao Jie, have moved out of the group's apartment last month. Adding to the fact that the other 4 members are signed with a different management company, rumors of their disbandment are not groundless after all.

Former BBT producer Andy Chang (middle) tries to pass as the 7th member of Lollipop?

Former Channel V and Bang Bang Tang producer Andy Chang recently started a new management company with Charles Chen (host Blackie of WAHSBBT) to discover and train rising stars. Lollipop's Prince and Xiao Jie followed their former producer and signed on with the new company. However, Owodog, William, Ah-Wei and Xiao Yu decided to go with their record company Gold Typhoon instead. This caused quite a ruckus among fans, as having different management companies will make it extremely difficult for all 6 members to work as a group.

Disapproving fans: Ungrateful!

Diehard fans: Affection and loyalty!

The 4 members (with Gold Typhoon) recently visited Hong Kong for a holiday event and were attacked by disapproving fans. As ridiculous as this might sound, they were apparently unhappy with the fact that the 4 members did not sign on with Andy along with Prince and Xiao Jie. It was reported in Hong Kong newspapers that the members were greeted with middle fingers, profanities and a big sign telling them that they are “Ungrateful”.

Lollipop is surprisingly popular in Hong Kong which puzzles many…

Prince and Xiao Jie’s manager Andy confirmed that the 2 members have moved out, “Prince has to shoot a movie, while Xiao Jie is working on his own project. It's now time for them to go at it on their own, so their ways of living will change.” Rumors indicate that Lollipop has only one album left on their current contract and will disband after its release. Gold Typhoon won't confirm whether if this is true, but they said Lollipop has at least two more releases this year, including a photo album prior to the Chinese New Year and a new album in the summer.

Source: Liberty Time,
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