A-Lin's new MV stars Eddie Peng and Alice Ke

A-Lin releases her second single, Breaking up needs practice (分手需要練習的), from her latest album, “Before, After.” Just like the first single, “Breaking up needs practice” is a big ballad that showcases A-Lin’s powerful vocals and range.

A-Lin’s third album, “Before, After” works around the theme of expressing emotions in a woman’s point of view. In this latest single, it talks about the heart aching pain one would feel after breaking up. A-Lin explains, “I’m very blissful right now, but some friends around me do have some relationship problems, so I want to use this song to tell everybody that the next relationship is worth looking forward to. Just like the lyrics in the song, ‘you’ll feel relieved after recovering from the pain’.”

For the MV, Eddie Peng and Alice Ke have been asked to play the leads. Eddie even compliments on the song, “A lot of times, breaking up with the other person doesn’t always necessarily mean that you don’t love each other anymore. There are many reasons. After a long while, you’ll realize how important the other person is, but through time, slowly and gradually, you or the other person would change.” Eddie also adds that after a break up, he would reminisce about his past relationship by reading their old emails until he becomes numb and cannot feel any more pain.

Alice Ke, who is the lone female lead in the upcoming movie Monga, reveals that she cried when she listened to A-Lin’s song the first time. Alice believes that anyone who has been in love before would definitely feel the same when listening to the song. A-Lin, using the opportunity of shooting the MV on set, asks Alice on how to make tears flow within seconds. Alice explains that being able to cry in an instant requires many emotional experiences.

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN news, TaiwanMV

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