A-Lin loses weight to steal the camera and fight for Golden Melody nomination

For the sake of entering the Golden Melody Awards, former Golden Melody best new artist and best female performer nominee, A-Lin Huang released her latest album just last month (December 2009). Within three months, she lost 6Kg, making her weigh 51Kg at a height of 168cm. Although A-Lin’s record company kept a close watch on her diet, her husband and baseball player Huang Gan Lin, doesn’t mind much about his wife’s weight. Nonetheless, he recorded a video to send his encouragement to his wife. A-Lin proudly responded, “What he loves is my heart!”

Avex held a press conference for A-Lin to renew her contract with the company, as well as for her announcing her latest album, “Before, after.” A-Lin surprised everyone with her new slender body. Last year when she received a Golden Melody nomination, she specially ordered a custom-made ear-monitor to reward herself. This time, Avex gave A-Lin a new personal microphone as a gift to celebrate the event and Joe Cheng , Shin, and A-Lin’s family sent their blessings to her via a recorded video, making A-Lin be in tears of joy.

Did Avex borrow the microphone prop from The Million Singer?

A-Lin later joked that when she entered showbiz, she weighed 48Kg where her mom complained, “That’s too skinny, you don’t even look like someone from the Amis.” But after A-Lin had a baby, her weight climbed and she was 57Kg. When her mom saw her MV at the time, she actually asked, “Is that you? How did you become so chubby?”

Due to her weight, the release of her album was postponed several times. The original scheduled release went from September to November, and finally released at the end of the year. She promised her record company that she would slim down. To do so, she stopped eating after 6pm every night, and sat on a “horse-machine” to help lose weight. When she felt hungry, she would only drink a glass of milk. Considerate fans sent Konjac jelly sticks to her for snack.

A-Lin’s husband Huang Gan Lin plays baseball in Tainan, while A-Lin’s mom helps out in taking care of their daughter. A-Lin and her husband dial long distance every night as usual to keep in touch with each other. A-Lin reveals that she hopes to buy a new house in Taipei in the new year so that their family of three can live warmly together.

A-Lin performs new song, "Before, After" at the press conference

A-Lin's "Before, After" MV

Source: UDN news, mengsion

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